Life in US

Life in US

My primary motivation to pursue my MS dreams was that I didn’t experience much practical exposure during my undergraduate studies. I wanted to explore beyond the basic introduction given to me to Computer Science. Also, the professors I met in the US were authors of many textbooks I used during my Undergrad! It’s a totally different learning experience out here.

Another thing that excites me about the US is the amount of opportunities available for international networking. I knew I have grown into a different person altogether after MS in the US. I loved Artificial intelligence, the concept of distributed systems and always knew there is a lot left to explore in these fields. It is only after this MS program that I would be equipped with the right skill set to pursue my goals and dreams.

GRE Score Vs. GPA

This a much debated topic and I will share with you what I know out of my experience. Given these two variables, we can have four combinations:

  • High GPA and High GRE score – This is undoubtedly an excellent profile and you clearly stand a very good chance to cracking that dream grad school!
  1. High GPA and Low GRE score – This is still quite safe. However, the list of universities that you can apply to gets restricted. You will have to focus only on those universities that emphasize on having a great GPA, and are ready to overlook a not-so-great GRE score.
  2. The remaining two combinations  are quite tricky; if you have a low GPA, you have no other go but to aim for a high GRE score. Only if you have some big numbers to present will you be able to catch the attention of the admissions committee. Once you you cross that initial filter, is when your SOPs and LORs need to work their charm.

SOP is very important, think of it as an opportunity for you to narrate your story to the admissions committee. It is a platform where you can express what you cannot in a resume or CV. Include you new ideas, research interests, projects undertaken. Most importantly it needs to convey two things; what you want to take back from their university, and how you would contribute towards the university.

All the best for your GRE preparations and, for writing that winning SOP!