GREedge Reviews

My biggest challenges while preparing for GRE:

  • Recollecting the meaning of words – Initially went about with the Barron’s Wordlist that did not help much. Later, switched over to deriving the meaning of the word from its context and making good use of GREedge wordlists (getting to know both the visual context and the different verbal contexts in which the word is used).
  • Lengthy RC Passages: these were a trouble as I initially wasted much time on going through the whole passage. Following GREedge’s RC tips of dissecting the whole essay, by just gliding through the initial few points of a RC excerpt and getting an overview of the whole excerpt as such helps answering questions much easier
  • Tricky Quants questions: If the answer to a Quant question appears to be too easy and straight-forward, think again! Read the question again until you exactly figure out what is asked and eliminate the obvious deceptive options that are put up there to trick you!

My Overall experience with GREedge:

I had started my GRE preparation early. With GREedge, I was able to prepare with the right material that is already tested. I did not have to go about about experimenting different methods. I chose the one that works the best for me and stuck with it till I gave the exam.

GREedge provided me with many practice tests as possible. I practiced in the real-

time “online, adaptive” environment, which proved to be of great help! My actual exam turned out to be a breeze. My SFAs spent more time on helping me  improve my weaker areas as I got closer to the test dates.

In all, it was a great experience! Thank you for everything, GREedge.


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